Final Project

Project Proposal  12/4/17

Explanation I am an avid blog reader and I enjoy watching vlogs. For my final project I would like to do a weekly vlog. This will combine a total of 5 days of footage clips (so I will start vlogging on Dec. 7th and finish on the 11th), along with narration, music audio, etc. that we learned during our video editing portion of class, along with our audio portion.

Specifics I would be recording on my iPhone (for convenience of walking around campus and doing day-to-day activates) narrating on there but also sections were audio is replaced with narration. I would be using garage band to record the narration portions and use iMovie to edit all of the clips together, which is what I used for the other class projects. Content would just be a day in my life, each day being different and therefore a remix of the next day.

Where it would be published On my YouTube where other video projects are recorded and then the vlog would also posted on my domain. I also plan on posting a video of bloopers and “deleted scenes” or things that didn’t make the final cut.  

Vlog and “The Cover” I think vlogging relates to the theme of “The Cover” because each day is a remix of the other. I would be recording a new version of each day and I believe this would be a type of “remix” of all the other types of vlogs out there. While there are many vlogs all over YouTube there is not one vlog that is the exact same. They are all centered around the theme of lifestyle but each is tailored to the specific person who is creating the content.


  • A title slide to introduce my topic
  • At least 15 video clips edited together
  • Have original recorded audio (replace the audio) 
  • At least 10 minutes long

Practice Vlog 12/4-5/17

I decided to do a practice vlog on December 4th and 5th just to introduce it to my routine and reduce any nerves I had about the project. I realized that videoing myself on campus in the middle of rushing to class was not the most convenient and not as “easy” as I thought it would be, However I really enjoyed vlogging and I am excited to work on my final project. 

You can watch the “Practice Vlog” here

Final Vlog 12/12/17

I really enjoyed the vlogging process!! Applying a lot of the concepts that we learned such as editing, audio, and being creative while portraying a “story.” I met all of the criteria that I set for myself in the proposal and accomplished everything that I wanted to.

Please check out my vlog here!