Sherlock Assignment: week 6

Create a Work of Fan-fiction based off of the Hounds of Baskerville: 

Excerpt from Hound (for Mrs.) Baskerville 

As we arrived to the closer to our destination there was a strange, gloomy feeling that was sulking around the estate. As we pulled through the gates we saw a figure on the steps, assumably Mrs. Baskerville. She was a timid, older women but she exuded wealth all the way to the car, as her mansion towered behind her. Holmes and I were here to discuss a mysterious hound that has been appearing and leaving Mrs. Baskerville’s grounds.

“Mrs. Baskerville, hello, I am Sherlock Holmes and this is my assistant Watson”

“Hello and thank you for coming, as I previously mentioned to you, I need your help finding this mystery wolf. I just want to know whats under the fur.”

“What do you mean under the fur, Mrs. Baskerville, under the fun would be a wolf?”

“Oh… I thought I told you on the phone, I must have forgotten this part. This mysterious hound is not just a wolf, he’s a werewolf. I’ve seen him change into a human and I know we are soulmates. I need you to help me find the love of my life.”

For this assignment I decided to create a literary piece of work, along with a teaser image that was posted in my course’s slack page.